All Maps

  • All Maps will help you show your audience exactly where you are and where you want to be. Each map is a native vector shape designed for PowerPoint and Keynote. Just copy the map you need on the slide you're working on, and change the size and color with ease directly in PowerPoint or Keynote. Enjoy!

    • Product Type: PowerPoint (Windows), PowerPoint (Mac), Keynote
    • Aspect Ratio:16:9 (Widescreen)
    • 198 slides
    • Free fonts used
    • Image placeholders shaped like various maps
    • World maps (4 versions)
    • Continent maps
    • All country maps
    • North America map
    • Canada maps with all provinces
    • The United States map with all states
    • Central America map
    • South America map
    • Africa map
    • Europe map
    • Asia map
    • Australia map
    • This product is included in the Presenter's Toolbox


    IMPORTANT: Keynote takes a little more time to load complex maps (1-2 seconds), so it’s normal if some slides take longer to load. But don't worry, it still works great.


    License details.

    1. Use the download link to get your product (available immediately after purchase).
    2. Unzip folder (right-click -> Extract All on Windows, double-click on Mac).
    3. Install the free fonts (links in the documentation).
    4. Open the All Maps file.
    5. Select the map you wish to use.
    6. Copy it (right-click -> Copy).
    7. Paste it on the slide you’re working on (right-click -> Paste).
    8. Edit color and size.
    9. Enjoy! :)
    • PowerPoint (.pptx) file - PowerPoint 2007 or later.
    • Keynote (.key) file - Keynote 6.5 or later.
    • Links to download the free fonts.
    • Pictures are not included.
    • September 28th 2016: improved design, minor improvements to some countries, added country names, new example slides, new image placeholders.
    • September 1st, 2016: missing state added to the USA map.
    • August 9th, 2016: missing countries were added to the Africa map.

    You get free product updates for life with purchase. You’ll receive an email notification when a newer version of this product is available for download.

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